Guide to your Amazon.Com/Mytv Activation

Amazon Prime is a few years old and already one of the most sought after digital platforms out there when it comes to online visual content. In case you wonder what Amazon Prime is, it is a paid subscription to Amazon that comes with a wide range of extra services, including free and fast delivery, unlimited video streaming, and access to exclusive deals, and others. Subscribers to the Amazon Prime platform is called an Amazon Prime Member. 

As an Amazon Prime Member, you can enjoy access to unlimited streaming. The platform is continuously updated with the latest movies and TV shows. You can use your Amazon Prime membership to activate your account on and start streaming Amazon Instant Videos on the Amazon Prime platform. 

Who can use Amazon Prime?

If and when you complete your Amazon Prime activation on, you can access visual content on the Amazon Prime Video Hub. That is the first requirement. 

The second and perhaps, more important requirement is having the right type of device to access the platform. We have listed the compatible digital devices for the Amazon Prime platform below:

  • Game consoles, including the Xbox One and Xbox 360, and the PlayStation consoles. 
  • Google Chromecast, Roku devices, Nvidia Shield, BT TV set-top box
  • Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and other compatible TV sticks. 
  • iPhones, iPads, iPod touch devices, and other iOS-powered devices compatible with the Prime Video App. 
  • Android phones and tablets that are compatible with the Prime Video App.
  • Fire Tablets and Phones.
  • Smart TVs, including models from Samsun, Sony, LG, Apple, Sharp, Panasonic, and others. 

Without a compatible device, it will be impossible to activate your Amazon Prime Account on or stream these tons of videos on the Amazon Prime platform. 

You can confirm if your device is compatible or not by checking the list of compatible Amazon Prime devices on the registration page. 

How do you activate your Amazon Prime on

We have listed the types of devices compatible with the Amazon Prime services. If your device is one of them, the next step is to learn how to activate them and start enjoying the Amazon Prime service. 

Before we get to the activation steps, here are the requirements;

  • Your digital streaming device
  • An Amazon account
  • A unique verification code, which you can get at
  • A phone number
  • A strong internet connection and an internet-enabled device.  
You need to register your compatible device before you can use the Amazon Prime service on such devices. Here are the steps involved in activating your Amazon Prime on your streaming device:

Step 1 – Get an internet-enabled device, and visit the Amazon website at

Step 2 – Input your email address and your account password, and log in to register your streaming device. 

Step 3 (i) – If you are a new user, click the first-round button and sign in via the secure server to start your registration process. 

(ii) – Submit the necessary information – your mobile phone (optional), your name, and then your password. 

(iii) – Click “Create Account.” 

(iv) – Check the email you have provided. Amazon will send you a verification link. 

(v) – Click the link to redirect back to the page, where you can complete your registration. 

(vi) – Complete the registration and re-login into your newly created Amazon account. 

 Install the Amazon Prime Video app on your streaming device through the app store. The name of the app is “Amazon Prime.”   

NB: The specific installation process differs across different devices. For instance, Android and iOS devices can download the app from the Google Play Store and the App Store, respectively. Smart TVs will have to visit their Smart TV app store to download and install the Amazon Prime App. 

If you are having a hard time getting around the installation process, please check your User’s Guide to directly reach out to your manufacturer. 

Step 4 – After a successful installation, open and click the “Register on the Amazon website” button. You will get a unique code on the screen. 

Step 5 – Input the 5-character code from your streaming device in (3) above into the Amazon website page. 

Step 6 – Click REGISTER DEVICE. 

Now you have successfully registered your compatible TV or streaming device on the Amazon Prime platform. You can set up a single-click payment setting by following the instructions provided. You can also create a purchase PIN for subsequent purchases.  

As a first-time user, you can use the Amazon Prime services, including the Amazon Prime Video on trial for the first few days. However, if you want to extend this uninterrupted access beyond the trial period, you will need to upgrade to the full membership at a cost. 

The monthly subscription cost for Prime and Prime students is $12.99 (or $119 annually) and $6.49, respectively. 

Enjoy Video Purchases and Rentals Like Never Before

A successful registration on Amazon Prime via connects your Amazon account to the Prime Video Service. It means you can now rent and purchase videos, play around your personal video settings, and do so much more. 

Interestingly, there are over 90,000 TV shows and movies on the Amazon Instant Video, a special offer by the Amazon Prime services. You can stream them all via your registered and compatible smart TV or video devices. Whatever your preferences are, you can trust Amazon Prime Videos to have something for you. 


Again, to register your device, you will need to turn on your device, download the prime video app, register your device either as a new user or existing user with your unique 5-6-character verification code, and log in to your amazon prime account to start enjoying the entertaining content and unique streaming experience available on the platform. 

Suppose you are looking for the right device for your Amazon Prime Video. In that case, you should consider the Amazon Fire TV Family, set-top boxes, Smart TV, Blu-ray player, Game Consoles, Fire Tablet, iOS phone or tablet, Android devices, and Google Chromecast.